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Caribbean revisited: Labadee

Posted by Lissa on June 20, 2008

I admit, it was easier to get me out of bed Tuesday morning when Mike called out, “Land ho!”  Although, I’m not actually sure he did that.  It might have been in my head.  Along with the pirate costume, parrot, and crow’s nest.  (On the other hand, I quite clearly remember asking how lookouts could immediately identify at a glance whether the land was whorishly dressed or not.)

First real glimpse of Labadee — the clouds TOTALLY make this perfect:

A little closer view:

The sun was shining, the air was warm-but-not-hot, and we managed to squeeze onto the tender boat right before it left for the landing pier.  Purrrr.  (And please admire my skill at self-pictures, I’ve taken some pretty bad ones over the years.)

The entrance arch:  (This is cheating slightly; we actually took the picture on our way out.  That was when we discovered that they quite strictly separate people entering the island from people leaving, since the latter might have contraband and therefore have their bags scanned.  The rule was that we couldn’t bring any alcohol back on the boat; any that we bought, including from the on-boat Duty Free Store, was held until the last boat day and then delivered to the stateroom.  Luckily, the guard was willing to take a quick picture of us before she herded us onto the boat.  So, it’s the end, not the beginning, but it makes more sense this way.)

As you can see, 1) Labadee’s really a peninsula not an island, but they advertise it more as the latter than the former and it stuck in my head; 2) it ain’t very big.  I took this pic ’cause it was pretty but the pic resolution was good enough that it was also handy as a map.  (Thank you again Mike for my pretty camera, and Mike’s family for the memory card and case!)

We climbed some “ruins” to get a view of the harbor.  (I raise a seriously dubious eyebrow that these ruins are anything but man-made tourist attractions, but I don’t particularly care.)  Note the two smokestacks in the distance and remind yourself that they belong to ONE ship.  One seriously humongous ship.

We dumped our stuff on the boat then went back on a later tender boat and played around on the beach for a while.  Back to the room for a blogpost and a nap, then we made it up top in time for a sunset . . .

P.S.  I know that you’re not supposed to bring any fruits, vegetables, soil, live animals etc. back from any of the ports, but I managed to smuggle a prime specimen of the highly-endangered, rarely seen Greater Haitian Elephant back to the room . . .

Jamaica’s next, mon!  Hope you’re excited!

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