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Caribbean Diary, Day 2

Posted by Lissa on June 10, 2008

Lovely, lovely, lovely.  Mike being the insane Boy Scout that he is woke up early to go work out today.  Me, I considered that I’d had four hours of sleep the night before, and some food and wine, and that the 9th (today)  was the only day for a while that I had to sleep in if I wanted, and told Mike to let me sleep.  He did, honestly, but that deed was somewhat sullied by the phone ringing to tell me that my facial appointment was confirmed.  Which would be great . . . if I’d MADE a facial appointment.  I assured them they had the wrong room and collapsed into sleep.  The second ring also woke me up, but since that was room service telling me they were delivering coffee-and-food soon, that was not a problem J

Our activity for the morning was the Rock Wall.  I have a bunch of good pictures of each of us going up, and even better pictures of us looking like absolute morons in our helmets and harnesses.  We both made it to the top but I freely admit that the woman on the belaying line gave us help; it was in her interests to keep us moving and get us to the top, as there was a rather long line behind us.  Even so, my fingers were awfully tired for the next few hours.

After the Rock Wall we went to the Port Shopping seminar, for about five minutes.  Then we realized that the information on the agenda was not about food, or credit cards versus cash, but was instead advice about where to buy diamonds (“Seventy percent of you will end up shopping for diamonds!”  Riiiiiight.  Mike:  “They’ve got to be counting everyone who WANDERS BY and says, “Ooo, shiny!” “) and brand-name designer clothes for less (I thought TJ Maxx was the place for that).  So we skipped and grabbed lunch instead (got to sit by the window this time, almost dead stern, SUCH a great view).  After that, a quick shower and I was off to sun worship again.  Mike joined me after an hour or so; we found a (small) pool that was adults-only and far enough away from the (god-awful knock-off) steel drum band that I didn’t have to constantly grind my teeth.   Shockingly, the cruise staff are very, very good about coming by frequently and offering to grab you stuff from the bar; Mike’s favorite is the Miami Vice, while I’m more partial to the Bahama Mama.

I came back from sun worshipping to find Mike with a bottle of champagne (real champagne, not sparkling wine, for those of you who are interested) and chocolate-dipped strawberries, a gift from his folks for my birthday.  The sun wasn’t too hot at that point, the breeze was wonderful, and the ocean was the bluest thing I’d ever seen; some incredibly vibrant shade of blue that you don’t see on land.  (Lissa:  “Do you think that’s cobalt blue?  Is that the shade?”  Mike:  “I think it’s . . . *ocean* blue.”  Lissa: Smack.)  Just so, so lovely.  Did I mention that we have a balcony off our stateroom???  J  (Which is far roomier than I expected, and the bed is very comfy; I was rather expecting a shoebox.)

A quick nap and then it was time to dress for the fancy dinner.  Mike brought a suit and I had a formal black dress with red heels; we looked pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself.  We went down to the fifth floor, the Promenade, which is the row of shops.  They had a tiny orchestra and two lounge-type singers (both of whom were good!  Yay!)  and I got to wander around and gawk at other women’s dresses.  (I tried to explain this to Mike – my comparison was driving around a country club and admiring Benzes while shaking your head at jalopies – and I think I failed.)  Dinner was lovely; I got brave and tried the escargot.  No, they don’t really look like snails, and yes, they just taste like butter-garlic; delicious.  Then filet of beef and a Gran Marnier soufflé, before Mike rolled me back to our room.

Labadee tomorrow, hooray!  We don’t have a real excursion planned tomorrow; it’s our first day on land and I think it’s mostly shopping stuff, so we may just lounge about on a beach.  (Boy, do I hate doing that.  Really, really hate it.)  But we have an excursion to climb Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica and to go horseback riding in Cozumel, hooray!

A few asides:

1)      I was very careful in packing my cosmetics case; I actually brought a spare toothbrush, in case Mike forgot his, along with tweezers and makeup and toothpaste.  Too bad that very carefully packed case is sitting in my bathroom right now.  Grrrr.

2)      The bow is up front and the stern is in back; forward is, well, forward, and aft is back (towards the stern).

3)      Today is Labadee, an island off the coast of Haiti that is sort of leased by the cruise companies, Royal Caribbean among them.  Tomorrow is Jamaica (whoo-hoo!), Thursday is Grand Cayman (and my birthday), Friday is Cozumel and Saturday is the second boat day, on the way back to Miami.

4)      Half the crew here is from Jamaica, seems like; they all say they’re from Kingston but I asked and confirmed that they just say that because they think that’s the only place in Jamaica anyone’s ever heard of. 

5)      Speaking of Jamaica, I have instructions from Mom to try eatie-oatie apples, neesberries and sweetsops; while the tourist information specifically tells me not to eat the local fruit, I will risk a stomach upset and try it anyway.  The Jamaican cruise staff I spoke with assured me there would be local fruit vendors.

6)      This vacation RULES.  Jenny, we’re SO going on a cruise some day, even if it’s just a cruise-to-nowhere off Boston.  In fact, we may prefer that.


Yay for boat!!!!



7) BTW, I think the way this thing works is that the first time you post comments I have to approve you; after that I believe it will just let you comment.  We’ll have to see. 

8) The bandwidth here is both sort of slow and really expensive, so with the exception of Jamaica photos will probably have to wait till I’m home.

9) Jenny, thank you for feeding/watering Travis 🙂

3 Responses to “Caribbean Diary, Day 2”

  1. Jen said

    Yay for boat! Glad you’re having a fabulous time. It’s 93 degrees here in Plainville, so feel free *not* to bring any more warm weather back with you 🙂 You might want to tell Mike’s uncle to kick on the AC if you didn’t leave it on so kitty doesn’t bake. This heat wave is knocking us on our asses!!!

  2. Anonymous said

    Yay cruise!

  3. steph said

    I’m so jealous! I didn’t even know you were going on a cruise and now i *have* to read every amazing detail about it! grr…i hope you have an amazing time and get really tan! (and i feel your pain…chris calls me a lobster while he looks somewhat puerto-rican/mexican…) cant wait to see you! happy bday!

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