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Welcome to the Caribbean! . . . almost.

Posted by Lissa on June 7, 2008

Okay folkses, so, this is my blog.  I have pretty much no idea what I’m doing.  As a consumer, I’m decently well-versed, if not expert; as a producer, god knows.  I’m starting this with the short-term goal of allowing friends and families to follow my first ever cruise, to the Caribbean (am I spelling that wrong every time?  Eh.  Not dealing with it.); later, there will likely be pictures, and stories, and cat exploitation, and laughs.  Please, do me the courtesy of at least PRETENDING that you’re laughing WITH me and not at me.  )
Hey look a spell-checker! 

One Response to “Welcome to the Caribbean! . . . almost.”

  1. lookingforlissa said

    Whoops, and I already managed to eat someone’s comment. Jen from Wisconsin left this nice advice for me (thanks Jen!):

    Funny this is how I find out you’re going to the Caribbean. I just got back (just = 2 months ago) from a cruise to the Caribbean in April. We took a Princess cruise for my father’s 50th birthday. I have a couple of “tips” for you that I learned:
    Once you get your “cruise card” (which basically acts as your identification, key and credit card, so you cannot leave your room without it), go to the gift shop and see if they have a lanyard. If they do buy it, have them punch a hole in your cruise card, and then attach your cruise card to your lanyard. It makes it a lot easier to keep track of the card. Especially when you’re not carrying a purse and you don’t have any pockets (like when you go to the pool).
    Your cabin steward (or whatever they call the person who cleans up your room twice a day), like the rest of the crew, does not get to eat the same food you do while on the cruise. He or she would probably appreciate you sneaking back goodies for him/her (e.g., cookies). Just leave them in your room with a note or give them to him/her when you see him/her in the hall. My mom, a more experienced cruiser, gave me that tip.
    You can usually bring 2 bottles of wine and/or champagne on board per cabin for special occasions when you first arrive. So, to help keep down alcohol costs, I recommend doing that.
    One last one, if you need any alcohol, stock up when in port. We went to St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and the Bahamas. It was cheapest in St. Maarten, but still pretty cheap in St. Thomas. Jeff got some whiskey that was 50% less than it costs in the States. We also brought home vodka for about 1/3 less. You have to pack everything in your checked bags, and there’s a max per person that you can bring back (2 or 3 bottles).
    Have a great time!

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