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Caribbean minus one

Posted by Lissa on June 7, 2008

Owwww, ow ow ow.  I slept funny and my left elbow is talking to me rather loudly.  And not, “Good morning, dear Lissa!” either.  More like “Stupid bitch!  Don’t you know you’re not supposed to sleep like that?  Fucking ow!  Suffer, little girl, suffer!!”  Order taken 😦

Got all sorts of things to do today, like cleaning up enough so that Fiance’s Uncle can feed the kitty without my utter humiliation, and going shopping for a swimsuit (most recent I have is about four years old), and tanning once more (and this time I’ll use suntan lotion so I don’t burn, but I don’t want to spend my vacation looking lobster-y!) and laundry and tidying and eating and stuff.  And I will, promise.  Once I finish my coffee.  And my elbow starts working again. 

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